FMP Pre-Production

FMP Treatment

Working Title – The Werewolf’s Wife

Genre – It will be an animation that falls into the fantasy and romance genre with mild tragedy

Duration – Approximately 2 to 3 minutes depending on what my storyboards make it seems

Target Audience – The target audience for this short will probably be fantasy fans who’d enjoy more down to earth and simple media as I do, which would put the main demographic at 16-25 year old women, social economics don’t matter.

Outline – Based on the topic we were given of Modern: Time, Changes

A werewolf and a selkie are married and live in a quite English beach/countryside village hiding their supernatural nature however with their synced transformation date due they begin feeling a strain on their relationship as they change.

As the transformation day gets closer the wives begin to grow detached from each other, becoming more wistful for their supernatural desires, such as the selkie wishing to go back to the ocean and the werewolf wanting to run and hunt freely they begin to grow distant and near hostile. Once the evening arrives they fully transform and turn from each other and embrace their natures however begin to find themselves feeling like they’re missing something, and as a result not enjoying the believed freedom they’d get from being transformed.

The morning arrives and the werewolf wakes to their messy living room and begins cleaning, noticing they left their wife’s painting room alone and noticing a an almost complete painting she’d done, the werewolf rushes down to the beach to meet they’re wife as she steps out of the sea transformed back into a human and they head home together content and with a deeper understanding of what made them happy in the first place.


Character Breakdown – Your main characters:
Eva Callaghan

Gender: Woman

Race (technically): Selkie

Backstory: A selkie woman who fell in love with a sailor woman around 19 and through a clumsy but sweet series of events ended up proposing to her at around 24. Enjoys painting and sitting out in the sun with her wife but sometimes finds her mind and eyes straying to the sea on the horizon.


Robin Callaghan

Age: 30

Gender: Woman
Race (technically): Werewolf
Backstory: A werewolf sailor-woman who met a selkie when she was an older teen going into young adulthood and feel in love a few months later after Eva’s clumsy attempts at land peoples wooing ended up working. Enjoys fishing, spending time with her dog pack and spending an evening with her wife by the fire.


Visual Elements / Mise en Scene- Physical props, actors and costumes will be redundant because this is a silent animated short. Lighting and camera movement will be decided once the storyboards are started.


Audio – I’ll have to use a soundtrack to convey the emotion of each scene, the music choices will probably be very sombre and simple sounding. I have to create the storyboards/script to know what sound effects I’d use


Constraints and Contingency – Some of the Problems I might have include falling behind on the schedule I have in place or any of the files becoming corrupt setting me back in the schedule. To combat these problems I’ve pushed the pre-production parts to be done in a short amount of time so that I have a lot more time to do the actual animation and compensate for any obstacles that might slow down the process.






This section to be completed by the Learner


Learner Name: Helen Goodson


BTEC Registration Number: 


Centre Name:


Centre Number: 14413


Specialist Area: Interactive Media & Digital Design/Games Design




For your Project Proposal you must provide an outline brief of your Final Major Project. This brief will normally be of your own choosing. Where your tutor sets the brief, or where you are working on a group brief (with other Learners), please make sure that you cover how you will respond individually to the brief and/or your individual responsibilities/contribution to the work of the group.

Your Project Proposal must be produced as a focused outline brief:

What it will be

i.      I will work towards producing a 2– 3 minute animation in flash, using photoshop for pre production and after effects for post production. The story’s basic premise is a married couple with one being a selkie and the other being a werewolf and them having to struggle with their transformation day being on the same day and how their relationship strains underneath the stress of the transformation.

 Research for Short Film


·       Cartoon Saloon’s Song of the Sea and Secret of Kells:, Art influences, Background Influences, Story Influences

·       Wolf Children by Mamoru Hosoda: Story Influence, Background Inspiration

·       Cartoon Saloon’s Wolfwalkers by Tomm Moore






·       The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams

·       The Art of Song of the Sea

·       Pixar Storytelling by Deam Movshovitz

·       Morphology of the Folktale by V. Propp

·       Animated Storytelling by Liz Blazer


(Guide: 50/100 words)


Section 3:

Intended techniques, media, processes

Timescales (an action plan is essential)

i.      The technics I want to go for is to use frame-by-frame animation for the characters and most movement with minor flash puppet animation for background sections. The media I’ll use will be mostly the computer based Adobe Suite. The process time will be mostly pre-production stuff to get it perfect as well as askng for constant criticism of the story and art of the short

Section 4:

i.      I’ll be questioning my tutors, peers, friends and amily to Proposed method of evaluation (how you will review your FMP in critical and analytical ways – self and peer review, tutorials, critiques, etc)



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Pixar Short Research

Sanjay’s Super Team – A Pixar Short based on the director Sanjay Patel

Took inspiration from the Northern Lights for the li

ghting,  details of temple to remain but for the entire scope Darwin Peachy. The auroras create a feeling that its alive with energy

The characters main feature, the large eyes, are inspired by Eastern Asian Art, particularly art based on darshan which is a belief that “when you see the divine the divine see you”, which leads to the art having large eyes an, in turn is the inspiration for the Art Team for the character designs, a lot of importance was put on the eyes.

They wanted an androgenus feeling to the deities so they seemed powerful but also elegant and graceful and the deities had delicate feet and movements when they were on screen whichinspirationation from  Indian Martial Arts and Dance for the movement.

As a result of the little to no dialogue the short is very dependant on music and sound effects

Like most Pixar work, Sanjay’s Super Team was designed using Adobe Photoshop or with a variety of pencils and pens on paper, after designing, modellers used Maya for modelling the characters and sets and

Roles in this animation

The head director of Sanjay’s Super Team was Sanjay Patel, because of it’s influences coming from his childhood

Game Trailer Synopsis

Idea 1:

Game it’s based on: Resident Evil

Log line/Narrative
A dark and stormy scene on a street gives way to a character running down the road with something chasing it, the thing isn’t made clear, only loud noises, the person is scared as they run into a door and loudly open and slam it shut, gaining the attention of shadowy figures that begin moving, the person is terrified as they run, looking back frequently to where something is still chasing them before finally stopping and spinning around quickly pulling a gun on the creature but realize the gun is out of ammo/stuck which only angers the creature behind them and continue running, however, fall over, they look up to see a horde of zombie like creatures ahead of them. The scene cuts to black and the title “Resident Evil” in blood red fades in.

Visual Details
The trailer will feature mostly blues, browns, greys and blacks, with lights being a warm orange or bright white which contrast against the dark colours. The trailer will follow the style of action/thriller trailers, with scenes that cut quickly to others, leaving the viewer disoriented and, subsequentially, nervous.

There will be one main character who will be the main focus, with other characters kept in shadows and who’s faces and features will be kept off screen to add to the mystery and suspense.


Idea 2:

Game it’s based on: Fatal Frame

Log line/Narrative
A person is taking pictures in the woods until they hear a rustling in a bush, believing it to be a woodland creature, they go towards it however see something horrifying that jumps out at them causing them to fall and accidentally hit the button to take a flash picture which startles the creature and causes it to disappear. They breath heavily before looking down at the camera screen to see an even more horrific creature wincing away from them on the screen they hear another rustle from behind them and the scene cuts to black before the title comes up in a camera like flash with the shutter noise happening in the background.

Visual Details
The colours in the trailer will be de-saturated and dulled to convey a sombre tone, the trailer may also have a slight static to it, giving it the effect of an old, damaged film, fitting with the game’s identity as a game with mechanics based on taking pictures of monsters.

The sounds will be muffled apart from the camera shutter noise which will be louder than the other noises, this is to be purposefully jarring and set the audience on edge.

There will be our main protagonist, who will be the camera girl and a second main character who will work as an antagonist and as such will be the monster that comes out of the bushes.

Idea 3:

Game it’s based on: Sims

Person wakes up and goes about their normal day, everything is great, until a chair suddenly appears behind them, which they sit on, albeit nervously, then another chair is placed in front of them, quickly followed by a table, the person panics and runs out of the room and opens the door to see people running around in terror as tables and chairs begin appearing randomly, they look up terrified to see a green plumbob above their head, the scene cuts to black with the title “Sims” in green appearing

Visual Details
The colours will be saturated and bright, creating a cheerful mood, with somewhat slow transitions.




Web Domain/Website Words and Terms – £13.99 (Renewal £25.


Website Words and Terms



Thumbnails (Pictures/images of things)


HTML -Hypertext Markup Language:

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets: programming language used when describing a document written up


PHP – PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

Bootstrap –

JQuery – I s a crossplatform for Java script






Meaning of:

Lightbox (will be using a thing called fancybox)


Make bootstrap thing