Web Domain/Website Words and Terms


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Website Words and Terms



Thumbnails (Pictures/images of things)


HTML -Hypertext Markup Language:

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets: programming language used when describing a document written up


PHP – PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

Bootstrap –

JQuery – I s a crossplatform for Java script






Meaning of:

Lightbox (will be using a thing called fancybox)


Make bootstrap thing




Creating model of me

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I created the space ship using the cylinder shape for the main ship section and a cone shape for the top and squares that I’d flattened using the translate tool and copy and pasted 4 times around the ship to create the wings.

The shapes I used were primitive shapes, this means they were the original shapes that maya gives you unedited, you can edit and shape/model them using the channel box.Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 10.10.42.png

To line everything up I went into orthographic view a lot using the space bar to see it from different angels.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 10.10.29.png

12 principles of animation

1: Timing/spacing
The essence of animation
The speed at which something is moving gives a sense of what the object is.
2: Ease in and out
Ease in and out has to do with gradually causing an object to accelerate, or come to rest, from a pose. For example, a bouncing balls tends to have a lot of ease in and out when at the top of its bounce.
Everything in real life moves typically in an arcing motion
When creating animation one should try to have motion follow curved paths rather than linear ones
Even gross body movements when you walk somewhere tend to be perfectly straights
     Action in animation usually occurs in three sections
The motion, the actual action and then the follow-through of the action
The first part is known as anticipation, sometimes, anticipation is needed physically.
Anticipation is used to lead the viewers eye to prepare them for the action that follows.
Longer period of anticipation is needed for faster reaction

For good clear animation, the viewer should know what is about to happen, what is happening and what happened.

     Exaggeration is used to accent an action
If used in a careful and balanced = better results
Figure out what the desired goal of an action or sequence is and what sections need to be exaggerated
The key is to take something and make it more extreme but keep it believable

6:Squash and stretch
    Deforming an object in such a way that it shows how rigid the object is.
No matter how an object deforms, it should still appear to retain its volume
Most obvious usage = muscle

7: Secondary action
     Refers to creating actions that emphasise or support the main action of the animation
The secondary action should typically be subtle.

8: Follow though and overlapping action
Can be considered two different principles
Follow through: The idea that separate parts of the body will continue moving after the character has come to a stop
Overlapping action is a very similar in that it means different parts of the body will move at different times

9: Straight ahead action and pose to pose action
   Straight ahead = linear
Pose to pose = methodical/planned out

10: Staging
     The set up of your scene
It’s purpose to make the purpose of the animation unmistakably clear to the viewer
keep focus on the purpose of the shot and what you want to communicate

11: Appeal
     Comes down to adding more appeal in many different areas of your animation e.g: Character design
You want to have a character that the audience can connect to or relate to

12: Personality
   Refers to the correct application of the other principles
It determines the success of an animation
One character would not perform an action the same way in two different emotions
No two characters would act the same

Character animation is about an artist bringing a character to life.
It requires the artist to interpret and create something that is more than the original.