Pixar Short Research

Sanjay’s Super Team – A Pixar Short based on the director Sanjay Patel

Took inspiration from the Northern Lights for the li

ghting,  details of temple to remain but for the entire scope Darwin Peachy. The auroras create a feeling that its alive with energy

The characters main feature, the large eyes, are inspired by Eastern Asian Art, particularly art based on darshan which is a belief that “when you see the divine the divine see you”, which leads to the art having large eyes an, in turn is the inspiration for the Art Team for the character designs, a lot of importance was put on the eyes.

They wanted an androgenus feeling to the deities so they seemed powerful but also elegant and graceful and the deities had delicate feet and movements when they were on screen whichinspirationation from  Indian Martial Arts and Dance for the movement.

As a result of the little to no dialogue the short is very dependant on music and sound effects

Like most Pixar work, Sanjay’s Super Team was designed using Adobe Photoshop or with a variety of pencils and pens on paper, after designing, modellers used Maya for modelling the characters and sets and

Roles in this animation

The head director of Sanjay’s Super Team was Sanjay Patel, because of it’s influences coming from his childhood


Game Trailer Synopsis

Idea 1:

Game it’s based on: Resident Evil

Log line/Narrative
A dark and stormy scene on a street gives way to a character running down the road with something chasing it, the thing isn’t made clear, only loud noises, the person is scared as they run into a door and loudly open and slam it shut, gaining the attention of shadowy figures that begin moving, the person is terrified as they run, looking back frequently to where something is still chasing them before finally stopping and spinning around quickly pulling a gun on the creature but realize the gun is out of ammo/stuck which only angers the creature behind them and continue running, however, fall over, they look up to see a horde of zombie like creatures ahead of them. The scene cuts to black and the title “Resident Evil” in blood red fades in.

Visual Details
The trailer will feature mostly blues, browns, greys and blacks, with lights being a warm orange or bright white which contrast against the dark colours. The trailer will follow the style of action/thriller trailers, with scenes that cut quickly to others, leaving the viewer disoriented and, subsequentially, nervous.

There will be one main character who will be the main focus, with other characters kept in shadows and who’s faces and features will be kept off screen to add to the mystery and suspense.


Idea 2:

Game it’s based on: Fatal Frame

Log line/Narrative
A person is taking pictures in the woods until they hear a rustling in a bush, believing it to be a woodland creature, they go towards it however see something horrifying that jumps out at them causing them to fall and accidentally hit the button to take a flash picture which startles the creature and causes it to disappear. They breath heavily before looking down at the camera screen to see an even more horrific creature wincing away from them on the screen they hear another rustle from behind them and the scene cuts to black before the title comes up in a camera like flash with the shutter noise happening in the background.

Visual Details
The colours in the trailer will be de-saturated and dulled to convey a sombre tone, the trailer may also have a slight static to it, giving it the effect of an old, damaged film, fitting with the game’s identity as a game with mechanics based on taking pictures of monsters.

The sounds will be muffled apart from the camera shutter noise which will be louder than the other noises, this is to be purposefully jarring and set the audience on edge.

There will be our main protagonist, who will be the camera girl and a second main character who will work as an antagonist and as such will be the monster that comes out of the bushes.

Idea 3:

Game it’s based on: Sims

Person wakes up and goes about their normal day, everything is great, until a chair suddenly appears behind them, which they sit on, albeit nervously, then another chair is placed in front of them, quickly followed by a table, the person panics and runs out of the room and opens the door to see people running around in terror as tables and chairs begin appearing randomly, they look up terrified to see a green plumbob above their head, the scene cuts to black with the title “Sims” in green appearing

Visual Details
The colours will be saturated and bright, creating a cheerful mood, with somewhat slow transitions.




Web Domain/Website Words and Terms


HelenGoodson.co.uk – £13.99 (Renewal £25.


Website Words and Terms



Thumbnails (Pictures/images of things)


HTML -Hypertext Markup Language:

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets: programming language used when describing a document written up


PHP – PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

Bootstrap –

JQuery – I s a crossplatform for Java script






Meaning of:

Lightbox (will be using a thing called fancybox)


Make bootstrap thing




Maya- Obstacle Course Research

Pixar Short Film

Animation Techniques and software used

Pipeline animation


15 steps
Creation of a story: Director has a vision, can be based on books, comics and anything that exists

A script is made based on the story which is then turned into a storyboard by the storyboard artists

Turned over to the editorial department who create story reel so producers, executives and directors can see processes. Create a sequence with storyboards, no voice actors yet so random workers will work. will use music and sound effects for storyboard reel

It’s then taken to the art department team who develop the look of the film, and how everything will look and what the style is.

Then taken to modelling department who model everything in the film, props, characters, etc. Are given 2D art from the art department to use, they model and sculpt the characters in a 3D way.

Rigging, Giving the model a skeleton with joints which allow the character to be moved, design how characters move. Make every wrinkle and facial expression present

Surfacing department next, they add colour and textures to every material, they decide how each object looks and what texture it has and how light affects it.

Rough layout Create the initial staging and blocking of the character, use nexus points pre-production

final layout. compare shots for animation, replace asses with higher quality ones
stereo pass

Animation. Draw keyframes and use the characters
Will act in real life to use as an example
Bring personality to movement

Crowd department, they animate in audamented way, they will create large crowds of people and give them different movements and they’ll interact accordingly to their personality and movement types, it’s set up like a brain

Character effects Responsible for everything moving of character, prop animation, clothes animation, any interaction between objects are character effects

FX Artists, Create things like footprints and wind and explosions.

Technical directors

Matte painting director, create vistas and backgrounds, take assets from models and create paintings using art colour keys based on it

Lighting. Use computer animated lights and combine it with matte painting look for ways to bring emotion and atmosphere

Sound Design, a composer comes in and writes a score for the film, levels are adjusted and equalisation mixed with final version of film


Paperman Pixar Short

No colour besides red of lipstick

The lighting is used harshly

Sound Effects and Soundtrack matched animation.

Had exaggerated movement and expression which is more commonly connected to 2D because 3D has difficulty looking exaggerated while also not looking strange

Characters look organic because of the textured look





Web Design – Research

Produce portfolio in web format in 5 or 6 pages.
Research, Development, Evidence, Pre-production, production, post-production.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 12.29.55.png

Research 6 existing websites, note good and bad design, use screenshots, annotate\

The Good
Celine Kim’s Personal Portfolio Website


Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 10.38.41.png

This Portfolio is very minimalist, keeping the only text to the left side of the page. All the text acts as links to other pages, none of the text is wasted on descriptions and about’s and is kept focused solely on the persons work.

The images of their work are kept the largest parts of the page, showing their importance and drawing attention to them naturally.

The use of a light grey as the main background colour is very appealing, it’s formal and professional because of it’s close relation to white but as a result of being darkened grey it’s less bright and as such more easy on the eyes as well as more interesting to look at as it’s not just plain white.

The use of a darker, off black, grey for the text is also appealing as it contrasts the light grey but isn’t as solid and dark as pure black, which could be distracting from the pictures.



Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 10.45.14.png

Merijinhos Personal Portfolio

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.02.40.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 12.46.34.png

The Bad

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 13.10.18.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 13.08.35.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 13.09.11.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 13.08.18.pngScreen Shot 2018-01-04 at 12.58.01.png





App Logo Designs

Lotus Logo.pngGrass Logo.png

Above are two logo designs I finalized in Adobe Illustrator for my app, I used three basic circles varying in different sizes, this was to help me create the simple yet memorable and stylish logo I wanted because as a result of being made of circles the logo has a smooth shape with a very clear outline, as well as being able to be made smaller or large while still keeping its shape and still being clearly connected to my app.

The logo I finally decided on was the top one, which is the pink lotus, this was because the pink would stand out much more against a green background which is what I ideally want my app to have as it’s main colour in comparison to the light green blades of grass, I do like the gras but it seems a bit too simple and almost incomplete, in hindsight I feel that logo would have looked better if it had something at the bottom to make it seem less empty and unfinished but even just in their shapes I prefer the lotus, being a flower, the top logo invokes a much softer and friendlier vibe than the blades of grass which, with their sharper points could give off a less friendly vibe in comparison to the soft and smooth edges of the flower.

In some ways I feel the colour of the lotus logo might be a bit problematic as a result of being a light pink becuase this may alienate the male demographic, however given that the rest of the app will be a variety of greens ideally I feel that it will even out, and since my target audience leans mroe towards women than men that doesn’t seem to much of a problem for me.