Planning ‘The Forest Down the Road’

When planning ‘The Forest Down the Road’ I wanted to have emphasis on family and friendship as important aspects of the film, as this was a 3D animated film inspired by Pixar and similar family oriented Animation Companies which also put emphasis on family love and friendship.

Below you can see the timeline of events that the film would happen in:






My story ‘The Forest Down the Road’, is set in a fairly rural part of Scotland and its fantasy element comes from mythology, more specifically Scottish mythology, so I will be researching what rural parts of Scotland look like and mythological creatures.

Th pictures below show a compilation of both rural and a few urban areas of Scotland that I would use as inspiration for the backgrounds and settings for the film.

These pictures give me  a good understanding of how I’ll draw the scenery of The Forest Down the Road, this piece of research is vital as it will help make the scenery in The Forest Down the Road be as close to reality as a 3d pixar style animated film can be, by making it look more realistic I’ll be able to hold the viewers suspension of disbelief much easier, this in turn will help the audience immerse in the world and story I create.

(Association with Scotland)

(All photos from the Scottish travel website)


For my story, I came up with multiple ideas, however I would only choose one to use for my research and plan. I decided that I wanted my story to be in the style of a Pixar animated film, with a target audience of family viewers, this meant that adult issues and stories aren’t usable as it would be inappropriate for the audience I’ve chosen.

Below, you can see a spider diagram that displays the story ideas I had, I decided it would be good to have multiple ideas so that I could see which would work as the most entertaining and engaging story.


Since the spider diagram doesn’t go into too much detail I’ll expand on some of the ideas that I like most and then decide which one would be best.

Idea 1 synopsis: In the year 3027, a robot is awoken years after it was believed all robots had died out, the robot ad the two people who awoke them must then go and find out why the robots vanished.
Genre: Science fiction, Mystery.
Main Characters:
Prototype “Proto” 001, a robot woken from their shut down state by two young people. They’re naive and trusting to others but can become easily defensive of them self and their friends. Nicole Peek, a young girl, she’s interested in robots and what became of them, she is the person who woke Proto back up and gave them their nickname “Proto”. She’s head strong and overly energetic but can be hot tempered. James Peek, twin brother to Nicole, he’s much more reserved than his counterpart, being more cautious about situations, much like Nicole, he has a hot temper.

Idea 2 synopsis: A young girl and her mother move to rural Scotland, while exploring the woods she discovers a mythical creature and makes it her personal mission to help the water based creature get back to their family.
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure.
Main Characters:Zoe Allan, after recently being moved to Scotland with her mum Zoe feels very out of place. She is quiet and withdrawn but wants to help others in need. Nautilus, the last water nymph who has been trapped in one of the forest pond for years until Zoe came along. She is extremely friendly and curious of the world outside the water but can be too naive for her own good.

Idea 3 syno

I decided to use idea 2 as my story as I felt there was a lot that could be a lot to research and plan for it, idea 2 has also been given a working title, ‘The Forest Down the Road’ this is a working title and can be changed in the future though.