Sound Effects

This piece of foley was made by recording the sound of water droplets hitting my sink basin, if I was honest, it wasn’t the best sound and I would have liked to use a different sound compared to the ceramic basin of the sink as it doesn’t sound like water hitting a plant pot and dirt.


This sound was made by hitting a ceramic bowl against a heavy surface, however it was edited in audition to be more muffled and to have a slight echo so that it fitted being used as a watering can more.

This sound was made using the same ceramic bowl as before however hitting it on it’s side and having a louder and longer echo.

This was personally my favourite piece of foley work. I created it by putting rice in a Pringles tube and turning it slowly. I added a large echo in Adobe Audition and also spaced the sounds out almost equally to simulate the sound of waves going in and out at an almost equal amount.


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