Animation Tests

Before starting the animation I did some tests on if I could animate a walking cycle as well as the hair, this was becuase I didn’t want to do a scene that I couldn’t animate.

I used this video for reference for the walking.


Why is referencing important

Referencing is important for animators because it gives them a good idea of how to animate something in a way that appears realistic, since a large part of creating a successful animation is being able to recreate realism but put a stylistic spin on it.

Referening and Rotoscoping

Referencing shoudln’t be confused with rotoscoping, referencing is usually used as a term in animation for attempting to copy somethign you are looking at while rotoscoping is the act of an animator tracing a real life video frame for frame for their animation, this used to be done hand drawn and was especially done by Disney but has now been replaced by a computer based version.


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