Stop Motion animation Treatment

Working Title – “M”

Genre –  It’s a silhouette stop motion animation

Duration – 5 seconds long exactly

Target Audience – My main demographic is younger children from the ages of 9 up to 30 year olds, the demographic includes both females and males however has a slight lean towards women with the main two characters being female.

The psychographics of the group I’m appealing to are

  • Those who enjoy animation
  • Those who are still learning the alphabet
  • People who like the letter M

The social economic groups I’m applying to is most, since the animations contents should be relatable to everyone but the demographics I’m trying to appeal to most is A – C2 groups.


Outline – A witch casts a spell which sends a coloured ball of light into the air, she then moves her arm and does it again, this time a different colour, the witch finally casts a third spell which spells out the word ‘Magic’ and after that she disappears.

Character Breakdown – The main character is a witch . The age for her would be around 20 to 30. Her gender is female. There isn’t much to know about the witch since the animation is only 5 seconds long which doesn’t give much time to expand on character.

Visual Elements / Mise en Scene – The lighting stays neutral with a white light which becomes red, green and blue then back to white. There isn’t much mise en scene since it’s black cut outs on a white background where I wished to keep the main attention on the character and magic.

Audio – Because of the short length I think it might be too hard to create any music or foley sound work for the stop motion animation


Rationale – I chose this idea because i found it the most creative use of the word M and the animation type stop motion. Currently I’m very good at drawing, cutting paper and painting, this will make the creation of the model much easier, however I’ll have to learn how to only move parts of the model separately gently without causing other parts to move.

Primary and Secondary Research – I have looked at other stop motion animation, more specifically the work of Lotte Reiniger who was a big inspiration for the style I went with in the end.

Requirements and resources – The equipment I will need is some paper, some paint, a computer with premier pro and adobe animate on it and a lighting source and a camera

Constraints and Contingency – The problem I feel I’ll most likely face is time restraints, however I can easily deal with this by work quickly and efficiently as well as following my schedule.

Legal and ethical considerations –The only ethical consideration is that I shouldn’t make the animation too brutal since my target audience includes younger children, as well as this there’s the general legal caution of no copyrighted material in my animation including music and logos.

Budget – My budget would be about £17 pound since I’d have to buy the adobe suite, which would cost around£15 pounds as well as some paper and paints which should at  most be a couple of pounds.

Schedule – It will take a maximum of 2 weeks to complete the stop motion animation, however I’ve left myself 3 days after that in case of anything going wrong.


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