2D Animation analysis – Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea is a hand drawn 2D film created by the animation studio Saloon Films. I adore the style that Song of the Sea uses, it is very reminiscent of old celtic drawings from medieval times, which makes sense since Saloon Films usually takes inspiration from old Scottish folklore for their films, but has been updated to better suit more modern times, the style uses simple, thin lines and basic shapes that don’t get too detailed or complicated, this could be because of them going for a hand drawn style rather than using 2D vectors on the computer.

The simplistic style is very appealing and reminds me a lot of children’s illustrations which, given that the film is targeted towards family audiences.

The use of colours is very vivid with a very experimental look to it, using colours that many wouldn’t expect to be used, as seen below where the background has dark blues to light purples for their night time forest. These colours contrast well with the warm yellows, red and oranges on the distance, by making these colours a warmer colour the crew can naturally draw the lie of sight of the viewer to the hut and identify it as an important area which isn’t just a part of the background.

On the topic of backgrounds I find the style they went with for the background very appealing, it looks like it’s painted using watercolours, creating a realistic and natural style for the backgrounds. Arguably, while the background are good on their own they clash with the solid colours of the characters who interact with the world and who can appear to be on a different plane of existence because of how solid they look because of colours and basic shapes to form bodies compared to the more hazy colours that seep into each other as well as the more detailed aspects of the background.

The characters themselves have fairly basic designs but this adds to the charm and appeal of them, as the basic shapes and simple design choices allow for more expressive movement and the character is less cluttered design wise. I also think the company may have made the characters clothes fairly simple to create the connotation that they are simple in personality, which is another thing that people can find charming as it harkens back to early Disney films which had simple characters.



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