Completed Stop Motion Animation

I had a lot less time on my stop motion animation compared to my 2D animation so I had a lot less time to plan and create what I wish, however, even with this setback I was able to create a fairly good animation.

My main source of inspiration for it was Lotte Reiniger who is famous for her silhouette stop motion animations. I sadly couldn’t create proper silhouettes since I had no access to a light box  so I had to make do with a plain piece of white paper. I felt that it would have been too dangerous to try and cut each star on the witches dress and hat out as it couldhave easily lead to me cutting too much off so I improvised by painting white where the stars were. If I was able to add anything else on or even restart I would have liked to paint the pins I used to allow the puppets movement black so that they didn’t stick out so much as it talks away from the immersion and also loses a bit of the silhouette stop motion style.

I decided to use the bright colours of red green and blue because they would stand out the most against the white background, however, while they stood out more than some other colours they still could easily blend into the background because of lighting, especially the green which was very faint at first until I replaced the green colouring pencil I used. If I could start again I would like to have used the darker, more bold green colouring pencil from the start.

I sadly didn’t use any music or sound effects, though I wanted to, the reason I didn’t was because I didn’t feel I could make any music short enough to fit 5 seconds, same goes for sound effects, however i also wasn’t sure what sound effects i could use. I’d been considering the foley work to be the sound of hitting a glass cup with water in it and recording the noise that happens and then adding a reverb in Adobe Audition and if the animation had been longer I would have, but I felt the sound effects would overlap as there isn’t much breathing room between each spell casting.

To create the coloured flash I used a special light I own which can be set to a red, green and blue colour, another reason for why I picked those colours for the spells. I took a picture of the witch with the coloured light on and then turned the light back to normal white light, below you cane see an example of what I did.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.26.53

I made the coloured frame only last a couple of seconds and fade in and out to look less present in comparison to the normal frames, since these were only on screen for a split second.

In conclusion I think my stop motion animation came out well and was very smooth and had a lot of cool ideas, such as using the multi coloured light to create a cool lighting effect and if I’d had more time I would have created foley sound and music for it.


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