Hope animation treatment

Working Title – Bloom


Genre –  Bloom is a 2d frame by frame animation.


Duration – around 70-80 seconds long


Target Audience – My main demographic is younger children from the ages of 9 up to 30 year olds, the demographic includes both females and males however has a slight lean towards women with the main two characters being female.

The psychographics of the group I’m appealing to are

  • People that enjoy cartoons and the sort of physical comedy that goes into it.
  • People who enjoy animation
  • Optimistic about the idea of hope
  • Understands metaphors

The social economic groups I’m applying to is most,since the animations contents should be relatable to everyone but the demographics I’m trying to appeal to most is A – C2 groups.



Outline – My hope animation is about a young girl named Bea who’s flowers dies, her girlfriend, Mari, arrives and tries numerous times to help the flower, all failing. First she tries to water the plant and then accidentally pours all the water over the plant, drowning the plant and then tries to replicate the sun using a light but accidentally sets the flower on fire.

Bea then leaves the room and goes to stand by a cliffside, Mari tries to give her the dead plant but Bea throws it out to sea. Mari looks horrified before noticing Bea smiling, Mari then notices a red leaf behind them which she investigates to find a snowdrop flower.

Bea and mari plant the snowdrop and give it a note stating that it symbolises hope.

The topic of my story is hope and re-finding hope once it’s destroyed.


Character Breakdown
Name: Mari
19           Race: Black
Gender: Female     Romantic Preferences: Lesbian
Personality: Has an optimistic attitude towards most things, tries to help when possible to varying rates of success. Is very compassionate when others are upset (especially Bea). Can sometimes be a bit absent minded.

Other info.
Colour scheme: Greens and whites with a little bit of dark pink for hair
Cares a lot about making people happy
Is in a relationship with Bea
Name: Bea
Age: 20           Race: Asian
Gender: Female     Romantic Preferences: Lesbian
Personality: Is more of a pessimist than Mari. Has a much more somber mood. She doesn’t have hope through the animation.

Other info
Colour scheme:
Blues and purples
Cares a lot about plants
Is in a relationship with Mari


Visual Elements / Mise en Scene- The lighting changes 3 times, at first it’s low key lighting then it becomes fairly high key and the last scene goes back to neutral lighting.
The camera stays still for most of the animation but has a few pans to the left and right and also zooms out a bit near the end of the animation.

The setting is in modern time in England. The sets are in a bedroom and on a cliffside.

Audio – The soundtrack will be created by myself. There will be foley based sound effects also created by me. The music will be made on Garageband.

I will be making the sound of the sea using a Pringles tube with dry rice inside and will make the other various


Rationale – I chose this idea because it was easy to understand the meaning of and would be open to any sort of person watching. The current skills I have are a basic knowledge of how animation works, though not how to apply it properly, hopefully, this project will help me learn how to. I also have a basic understanding of how to use Adobe Animate, including the shortcuts, meaning I can do certain tasks much quicker, such as ad new key frames. I also have a fairly good understanding of GarageBand

To achieve my idea I will have to learn how to animate in a realistic and generally good way as well as how to use Premier Pro to edit the video and audio together and export it as the correct file type at the end.


Primary and Secondary Research – The research I have undertaken to back up my idea is to research what hope is in basic definition as well as historically and philosophically, to understand how other people represent and see hope so I can use it in my animation. I also researched the different types of animation that exists and analysed why it’s appealing to people and how I can use it to make people find my animation appealing, such as colour schemes and the speed of movement as well as general symbolism.

Before trying to do the full animation I’ve done numerous animation tests to see if a movement would work in the final piece, such as a hair test to see if having the animation of hair blowing in the wind would work, I also did a test to see if I could animate water correctly.


Requirements and resources –  The equipment I’ll need is a computer with Adobe Animate, GarageBand, Adobe Audition and Adobe Premier Pro on it. I’ll also need a sketchbook to sketch my ideas and processes into, I’ll also need a recording device, preferably a microphone but a normal phone will work too.


Constraints and Contingency – A big problem I think I’ll have is time restraints, since I started this idea a bit later than I should have since I’d originally planned for a different idea, however this problem will be easily overcome by simply editing my schedule I made to indicate where i changed my idea and then restart the creation of storyboards, animatic and animation, luckily the character and background designs will probably be reusable so I can keep those for this second idea.


Legal and ethical considerations – My animation will be shown to a panel of judges for a competition and, if it is put into the final it will be shown on a big screen to a large group, including myself, however since the competition is for young people. the crowd will also include children as young as 8 or 9, meaning the animation will have to be family friendly since showing an adult oriented animation to a large group of children is unethical for numerous reason, including that it’s inappropriate and I’ll get in serious trouble for disobeying the rules the judges had put in place.


Budget – Potential costs include the monthly cost of the Adobe Suite which, with the student deal I have would be about £15 per month.


Schedule – The schedule I created shows that I would have a maximum of 42 days to create the animation but since I started a new idea I’l have less time, about 30 days or so.


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