Animation ideas

1: A person is growing plants in summer, change to winter and plants die, at the end a plant grows out of the snow. II

2: A person feels hopeless, a different person gives them a generic hope speech expecting this to work, it doesn’t, hopeless person explains why they feel hopeless and the other person says that they’ll try and help them find hope a different way, ends with moral that people don’t find hope the same way and it can be a lot harder for some people to find hope than others.

3: A person is sinking through abyss; voice over is talking to them about staying hopeful, lots of abstract shapes used in explanation of why things aren’t hopeless.

4: A person is narrating over their life, things become grim as they become older (war, death, pollution, etc) then at the end they mention something about hope. I

5: A person is in jail, they committed a serious crime (murder?) and they talk about how they regret it, they then go on to talk about how they have hope their life might get better. I



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