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2D Animated films/showsSlide1

2D animation is the original animation medium that people have been using the longest next to stop motion, people who work at companies such as Disney have perfected 2D animation, being able to create beautiful feature length animation (Princess and the Frog) for film and fun fast paced animation for TV shows (Wander over yonder). 2D animation is arguably the animation form that is most easiest to create different styles for since it uses mostly hand draw frames rather than modelling like what is done for stop motion and  3D animation. 2D animation is my personal favourite animation medium because I believe it turns out the most interesting and beautifully made visuals.

Stop-motion Animated filmsSlide1Stop motion animation is definitely the hardest animation form to do as well as the longest since it’s based on modelling thousands of different figures and expressions for the characters as well as hundreds of different backgrounds which when finished have to be placed and moved meticulously and carefully so that when the frames are combined, it gives the impression of movement, the company Laika is the most well known company for doing stop motion

3D Animated films/showsSlide13D Animated films and shows are the newest and most popular animation form right now, this is a result of 3D animation still being a fairly novel idea as well as 3D being cheaper and to create then 2D, however don’t take this as me saying that 3D is a lesser form of animation than 2D, it takes skill and dedication to make a 3D film look impressive, something that many of the lesser budget films can’t do as well as a big company, such as Disney. 3D is quicker to create on a lower budget as well making it a better alternative for TV shows medium compared to hand drawn shows.


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