Moodboard for HUD


Seen above is the first HUD moodboard I created, becuase we are creating a racing game it is logical to keep the HUD based around the car dashboard as this makes it obvious to the player what the identity of the game is and what the game is about, which is important for when people are considering buying the game and can only judge the game based on screenshots and trailer videos.

Going off of the previous point, my games specific identity, which would be built off the racing game identity will be created through the appearance of my HUD elements, which would not only give the game its specific identity but also make it unique from other games, improving the chances of people wanting to buy my game as a result, this is because there are thousands of racing games on the market and as a result most people want something new that adds onto the genre, or else the game is just another one of the hundreds of generic games that the player probably already has a copy of.



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