Assignment 1: Final Poster Designs

Final Poster Design


As the title suggests, this is the final poster design that I used as my main poster, this is because I feel this is overall the best design I created, it has the needed title, date and logo on, as well as having what I see as the best composition.


As shown above, my final poster follow the golden spiral well, with the date being almost at the centre of the spiral and the title following the end of the line perfectly, this means that the viewers natural line of sight will, when following the golden spiral, will go from the title, which is the most important part of the information, around the illustration, to the date, the second most important piece of information.


When applying the rule of thirds composition to the poster, you can see how the date still falls into one of the intersections which, according to the rule of thirds composition means that the viewers line of sight will naturally be drawn to it, however, the title falls just under one of the intersections, this is a shame but I think it’s still close enough that the viewer will notice it anyway as a result of the use of colours and contrast against what’s actually on the intersection, which is the dark blue illustration.

The Process
 Step 1: Creating the clock
The first part of creating the poster was creating the clock, which would be the centre of attention, this was done by firstly creating simple circles with ellipse tool, afterwards I created the clocks hands and time markers by using the pen and curvature tool to shape and move them.

Step 2: The blue buildingsscreen-shot-2016-12-07-at-13-02-46After the main clock face was created I went on to the buildings that would surround the clock face, many of them were simply using the rectangle shape tool on illustrator, however, the Gerkin, the London eye and the Globe Theater had to be done with the pen and curvature tool, both the Gerking and the Globe Theater then had details added to their insides using white lines made with the line segment tool, this was so that a viewer could identify the buildings much easier.

Step 3: Title, Date and Logo
Once the illustrations were done it was time to add the title, date and logo, I went for contrasting colours so that the information from the title date and logo the viewers had to see would stand out against the surrounding colours. I used a font type called Bebas Neue which i felt suited the poster perfectly because of how, as a result of it being sans serif, the words don’t have too much of a formal air to it but the font still looks professional enough for the festival being advertised is still respectable.

Step 4: Possible change
While finishing off the poster, I changed the colour of the clock face to a warmer yellow to see if it would look better, however, while the colour looks nice against the pink text, when put next to the blue of the buildings it is quite underwhelming to look at and the blue of the illustrations takes the viewers attention away from the clock, which, given that the date is on the clock, not the buildings, isn’t ideal, so I kept the clock the same colour yellow it had been during the process.

Another change was the composition of the text and logo, which, as can be seen in some of the earlier screenshots has the date going clockwise while the title went counter-clockwise.

The old version looked like this:


While the new version looks like this:

Layers for Poster

The layers and paths for this poster were created on Illustrator, which is why the layer tab looks as it does above, as well as the many paths.

Secondary Poster Design

This design was actually created before my final design, which used this poster as it’s template, I moved away from this design as a result of not being happy with how the inspiration took away from the quality; by this I mean how as a result of having the poster be inspired by the Bauhaus art movement, which had a large feature of their art be bold lines, which, when applied to this poster would overlap with the title and make it hard to see, this issue was rectified by deleting the parts of the line that overlapped with the title but I still prefer the main poster design to this one. As mentioned this poster was inspired by the Bauhaus movement, I chose this specific movement because of it’s influence and connection to architecture, especially in the 1900s.

The Process
This design followed a lot of the same design processes as my main one, and uses the same text font, however, this design used the line tool on Photoshop to create the Bauhaus themed background as well as the squares of colour and places the logo, title and date n different places.


There was a lot of layers with different shapes on them as a result of this section of the poster being done with Photoshop.

When using the golden spiral the date is still in the centre, however, the rest of the poster doesn’t really follow the spiral which means the title and logo may be seen much later than I anticipated.

Third Poster Design

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 16.57.11.png

My third design was a completely different attempt at posters, the only similarity is the colour scheme which was used in all three posters, however, this design had the additional red on it, this is because this poster needed more than three colours, besides white and black, to put emphasis on certain parts of the poster.

The abstract shapes on the sides work as leading lines to the centre where the words are, as well as the multicoloured big ben which I created, this works as another leading line to the logo at the bottom of the page.

By having the main colour of Big Ben be a bright pink that contrasts against the yellow of the clock I can draw more attention to the centre of the Big Ben illustration. I also had everything at a slant so as to make the poster appear more visually interesting in comparison to just having it as a straight line.


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