Assignment 1: Evaluation

I created my designs through looking at the many pieces of architecture that exist in London, I kept it specifically to London as a result of it being a poster advertising a London Architecture poster. Another inspiration was the Bauhaus movement and their use of contrasting colours to create abstract pieces as well as Russian Constructivism, which was the main inspiration behind using buildings in the way I have. I created my poster mostly on Adobe Illustrator, this was because the text had to be curved and Illustrator is the best program to use to do this easily.

Another reason I used Illustrator was because of how each component in a shape was its own entity, by this I mean how, for example, every white line on the Globe Theater is separate, giving me full control over how the lines readjust.

In comparison to a professionals work I think my work is alright, of course, it’s not going to be as good as professionals who have had years in the industry as well as most likely a university education while this is my first college assignment, but for what it is, I personally think it’s ok, for example ‘Poster for the 1923 Bauhaus Exhibition in Weimar’  by Joost Schmidt  is a poster I have already talked about for it’s use of a clean layout, this is what I attempted to do in my work, and I have been able to keep all the words readable, as well as have a see able illustration, however, the way that Schmidt uses his layout to create an abstract piece of art is very different to how I’ve created my poster, this could simply be because of different time periods that are experiencing different art movement as well as different inspirations but the original statement stands in that I didn’t try to turn my poster into an avant garde themed creation.

However, something that is comparable is the fact that both my work and Schmidt’s work uses a three colour composition, by this I mean while Schmidt used red black and grey, my main three colours were blue, pink and yellow, my colours appearance looks a lot more cleaner than Scmidt’s, this is most likely be because Schmidt’s poster was created using lithography in 1923 while I used a digital software in 2016, meaning my colours will look more saturated as I have more options.Image result for Bauhaus joost schmidt

I also think mine is fairly similar to Schmidt’s in that they both use bold, all capital lettered fonts in their typography, while I can’t speak on behalf of Schmidt personally I can assume that the reason he used all bold font is the same as mine, he wanted to keep the text clear and readable so that viewers understood the information, just as I did.

The colour of the font I chose also helped keep the text readable as the text is the one instance of pink being used on the page. The colour itself contrasts well against the yellow and blue but still stands out against the white. By having the only pink text be the logo, title and date I can help the viewer denote how important those pieces of information are, as well as how important I believe the information to be

When creating the sketches I wanted to use a variety of materials, from coloured pen to simple pencil sketches, this is because I wanted to have a different array of materials to try and see what sort fit the theme I had had in the first place, because originally, I was going to have my poster be inspired by the Bauhaus movement, this was because the Bauhaus movement was famous for having an impact on architecture that has lasted to this day and I felt it was fitting, I personally thought the coloured pen drawings were the best in terms of getting the Bauhaus appearance, however, once I went in a different direction to Bauhaus-inspired posters I didn’t use the design, instead, I used the one above, however, it still used the coloured pens as it created a very bright and colourful look which I couldn’t get with the other types of materials.

Overall, I believe my main design came out well, I like how I created a natural golden spiral in the poster which helps the viewer see the most important information first, as well as the colours I chose for my poster, they are contrasting so that each part of the poster is vivid, but not to the point of being overbearing, I also really enjoy how the outline of the London Architecture came out, it’s the part of the poster I’m most proud of.

However, if I could go back and change somethings about my work it would be trying different types of background colours other than white, I also didn’t like how the logo looks in the final poster, if I could change it, I would move it back to being horizontal with the title.

Another thing about the poster I don’t like is the colours that the actually printed version have, particularly the yellow, which came out a warmer, more red yellow than the computer screen made it seem.Others believed that my design was quite bright and that it was easy to read as a result of the colours.

To be honest, the project took me longer than it should have, at least in terms of the writing everything up on the blog, if I was to redo this assignment, I would spend less time on creating the posters and more time on the writing tasks, I would also do the writing tasks while I was completing the practical parts of it so that the ideas on what to write were fresh in my mind.


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