HUDS and an example in Mario Kart

HUD – Heads Up Display.
3 Types of HUD:
     Permanent HUD: Always on the screen
     Pull Up Hud: Will only appear after its activated by pressing an area on the screen or a button on the controller/keyboard
     Actional Hud: Will only appear when  playing the game and you perform an action.
Information Set = The Information given to the player while they’re playing a game. Linked to strategy and pay off.
UI = User Interface, the means by which the user and a computer system interact, in particular the use of input devices and software (and HUD in game cases)
UX = User Experience, how someone reacts/feels when doing something
Mario Kart – 1992 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Very simple HUD, flat colours were used and the shapes are obviously made of pixels and no detail as well as being 2D shapes being used in because of system limitations. Shows the timer, placement in the race, amount of coins and lives and lap number.

Mario Kart 64 – Feb. 10, 1997 on the Nintendo 64
Hud looks less pixelated and more smooth, shows images of the racers in the four beginning places. Colours are more interesting with a gradient being used on the time. HUD still has timer, placement, lap number and now includes a small map of the track.
Mario Kart: Super Circuit – Aug. 27, 2001 Game Boy Advance
As a result of moving to the gam boy the graphics of the HUG become pixelated again, however, because the system is improved there s more detail in the colours, the colours themselves are more saturated than the N64 counterpart. HUD still has map, placement, time, lap number and now had a box at the top, this box is an action HUD as it only comes up when the player drives over a certain item.
Mario Kart: Double Dash – Nov. 17, 2003 on Gamecube
Game is moved back to 3D, the player placement is also in 3D now, the colours on the timer are becoming more detailed. The HUD still has the  map, placement, time, lap number , action HUD special box, the hud now has a speedometer which has different colours on it.
Mario Kart Arcade GP – October 2005 on the arcade
The HUD is much more simpler, keeping things out of the way of the main screen more. Colours are still as detailed as before. The way the HUD presents time has changed and is now  a countdown in seconds, the HUD also no longer has the speedometer, however the HUD still has the  map, placement, time, lap number , action HUD special box.
Mario Kart DS -Nov. 14, 2005 on the Nintendo DS
The HUD now has two screens to fill so the map and placement are put permanently on the bottom screen, the special attack box is also no longer an action HUD and is instead a permanent one, the HUD still has the time as well as another version of the players placement.n The colours are less saturated now.
Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 – 2008 on the arcade
The colours have become slightly more saturated and still have gradients put over the text. The HUD still has the  map, placement, time, lap number , action HUD special box, the hud now has a speedometer which has different colours on it.
Mario Kart Wii – April 27, 2008 on the Wii


The colours are changed back to staying the same colour palette of yellow/bronze.  and the map is made anger, this helps the user see the map clearly. The HUD still has the placement, time, special item box, lap number and map but has gotten rid of the coins counter you have.
Mario Kart 7 – Dec. 4, 2011 on the Nintendo 3D
Image result for mario kart 7 screenshot
The colours still keep a consistent palette but the colours are made more saturated, much like the ds counterpart Mario Kart 7 has two screens to use, giving them a good place to put most of their hud while still showing the screen. The HUD still has the map, which is much larger, the lap number, the number placement of the user and the coin counter makes a comeback, Mario Kart 7 also has a more visual placement for the user, showing all the players and their placements next to their pictures.
Mario Kart Arcade GP DX – Winter 2013 on the arcade

 The colours on this HUD are still saturated but have a different colour palette now. The HUD still includes a map, number placement, time, lap number and the special item box, however, this game now has a tracker of other racers behind you when they come up close behind you, this is an action HUD.

Mario Kart 8 May 30, 2014 on the Wii U
Image result for mario kart 8 screenshot
Mario Kart 8 has a lot less on its HUD, this could be because Mario Kart 8 is on a home console while Mario Kart Arcade GP DX is an arcade machine game. The colours are simplified, with only the placement being coloured and the map track is blue while the other text is white, the simplification of colours was probably to not let the user get distracted by the colours. The HUD still has a map, coin counter, placement  and lap number.

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