Fire Ambience

We created an audio piece to fit the video of fire.
We created it by using crisp wrappers to replicate fire, this was our first time doing foley, which is when a sound is replicated in a studio (in our case a class) when the sound from the recording is unavailable. I had to change the pitch of the fire a lot as it was too high in some places, making it obvious that it was just a plastic wrapper.

I recorded multiple sound files and overlapped them in audio to make it more realistic. Once the sound files had been edited together in Audio I exported both the audio file and the video downloaded from moodle to Adobe Premier, however, I had to put the video on the timeline first and then delete the pre-existing audio which would mute my fire ambience, once this was done I put the sound file onto the timeline and used anchors to change the volume levels to fade out at the end.

In conclusion, I believe that I was able to edit the sound well, by which I mean how I edited the pitch of the fire crackling in multiple places so that it wouldn’t sound like plastic wrapper as much as it had, however, I think to improve I could redo a lot of the audio at a further distance from the microphone, which would have greatly affected the audio quality (so that it wouldn’t sound bit rate


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