My story ‘The Forest Down the Road’, is set in a fairly rural part of Scotland and its fantasy element comes from mythology, more specifically Scottish mythology, so I will be researching what rural parts of Scotland look like and mythological creatures.

Th pictures below show a compilation of both rural and a few urban areas of Scotland that I would use as inspiration for the backgrounds and settings for the film.

These pictures give me  a good understanding of how I’ll draw the scenery of The Forest Down the Road, this piece of research is vital as it will help make the scenery in The Forest Down the Road be as close to reality as a 3d pixar style animated film can be, by making it look more realistic I’ll be able to hold the viewers suspension of disbelief much easier, this in turn will help the audience immerse in the world and story I create.

(Association with Scotland)

(All photos from the Scottish travel website)


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